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in I-Line Wafer Stepper
Item ID: 231368

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Canon Stepper FPA-3000 i4

Customer ID: CAI401

Customer inventory: 227214

S/N Machine: 504 456

Type: FPA-3000 i4


Reticle: Size 6" square t=? (Nikon Style or Canon Style reticle loader?): 6” Reticle / t= 0,25” / Nikon Type Reticle Changer

Stage Type: ABS
Chamber Type: TBW-CD-80 (Compact Chamber Model)


Canon Stepper FPA-3000 i4
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Unit Price Unstated
Number of Units 1
Manufacturer Nikon
Model FPA-3000 i4
Wafer Size Range 
  Set Size 150 mm
Wafer Handler Size Range 
  Set Size 150 mm
Reticle Plate Size 6'' x 6''

Projection Optics:
Projection Magnification: 5 : 1
Exposure Light: i-Line (Hg-Lamp 2,0kW)
Numerical Aperture: 0,63
Field Size: 22mm


Standard Illumination:
Exposure Light: i-Line
Light Source: Hg-Lamp 2,0kW
Intensity: ~6.119
Uniformity: ~1,63%
Masking Blade: N/A


Printing Performance:
Resolution: 0,35µm
Depth of Focus: N/A
Image Field Deviation: N/A
Distortion: N/A


Focus/Leveling Performance:
Focus Repeatability: N/A
Leveling Repeatability: N/A
Minimum Compensation Range: N/A


Wafer Alignment Performance:
Lighting Source: BB + HeNe + iCal
Signal Process: N/A
System: N/A
Mode: N/A


Standard Stage Specification:
Step Accuracy: N/A
Scaling: N/A
Orthogonality: N/A


Standard Alignment Specification:
Reticle Rotation Accuracy: N/A

Wafer Alignment: N/A

Reticle: Standard Size 6" square t=0.25" ( Patticle checker) ? N/A
Material: N/A
Pattern Material: N/A

Pellicle Frame: Pattern Side only Stand Off = 6.3mm? Yes


Reticle Particle Checker Specification: 6” PPC (PPC-40S6)
Detection Resolution
Glass Surface: 15µm
Pellicle Surface: 20µm
Detection Repeatability: >95%


Size: Standard 8” ( 6” thru 8” SEMI Standard, JEIDA,Notch / Flat, Optional): 6” SEMI Standard Flat
Throughput: >59wph (60 shot wafer)22mm ( 8” Wafer) N/A
Throughput: >83wph (32shot wafer)22mm ( 6” Wafer) N/A


Environmental Chamber Specification:
Cleanness: Class 1(>0.1µm) N/A
Chamber Specifications: N/A
Chamber Type: TBW-CD-80
Air Conditioner: N/A
Refrigerant: R422D (Umstellung auf R422D im Mai 2016)
Gram (g): N/A
Pounds (lbs): N/A

Year of Manufacture 1999
Condition Very Good
CE Marked YES
Serial Number(s)504456

Shipping & Handling:

All items are sold on condition `as is and where is`. Ex work from current location excluding de-installation, de-hook up, discharge,  packaging, crating and delivery. We are not responsible for any damage incurred during shipment.


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