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Other Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment

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Item IDItem DescriptionDescription#PriceNotes
203808 2 SET FICO AMS-11-MR MOLDING 2 lot ¥ 8,775,312.00
207199 ASYS BC0 01Conveyor ASYS BC0 01 1
207198 ASYS TRM02Conveyor ASYS TRM02 1
204220 Cyberscan CT350T Dual non-contact double-sided optical profilometerpretty new 2 F*
207181 EKRA E4Solder Paste Printer Ekra E4 1
207182 EKRA Solder Paste Printer Ekra X5Solder Paste Printer Ekra X5 1
202692 EVG820 Dry Film Lamination System 1 $ 55,000.00
206584 Fico AMS-11-MR Molding 4 ¥ 4,052,063.00 F*
212157 Fico Besi AMS-11-MRMold System_Fico AMS-11-MR_AMR004 1
212408 Fico Besi AMS-11-MRMold System_Fico AMS-11-MR_AMR005 1
211897 Fuji Seiki ECB 10016FUJISEIKI Wet Slurry Deflashing System 1 F*
208137 Hanmi Semiconductor SPLITTING SYSTEMSplitting System_SPL001 1
208163 Ingenious Equipment NAMotorized Indexer for 100%VI Station after Taping 1
208164 Ingenious Equipment NAMotorized Indexer for 100%VI Station after Taping 1
208165 Ingenious Equipment NAMotorized Indexer for 100%VI Station after Taping 1
207724 Iwashita Instruments IWASHITA MG Inline 3030FILLING_IWASHITA MG Inline 3030_FIL004 1
204582 Lenz DLG 615- 1+1 AL, High Precision Drilling/Routing MachineHigh Precision Drilling/Routing Machine 1 F*
200892 Multitest MT2168Test Tool 1 $ 98,000.00
198620 Nabertherm FurnanceWe have used the furnance for drying parts, 1
212160 P & P Tech NA100% Vision System 1
204584 PPI Systems Inc. FP-C2 1
204583 Process Photonics LaserDrilling/Cutting Tool 1
208138 Sanyo MDF-U5411Sanyo Upright Freezer_MDF-U5411_FRZ006 1
203807 SIENMENS Backside Laser Machine 1 ¥ 554,552.00
207196 VacuMit EST60Vacuum packing machine VecuMit EST60 1
203806 Yamato NDB-4 CO2 Bubbler 1 ¥ 290,277.00

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