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in Epitaxial Cluster Tools
Item ID: 209404

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EPI Centura HTF

3 Chambers Atmospheric

Logitex Wafer Handling Control

Cooling Circuit with digital Flowmeters Controlled by PLC

Door Interlocks also controlled by PLC

Tool in fully production



EPI Centura HTF
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Unit Price Unstated
Number of Units 1
Manufacturer Applied Materials
Model HTF Atmospheric
Number of Chambers 3
Chamber 1 Description 

Standard EPI Atmospheric Chamber

Chamber 2 Description 

Standard EPI Atmospheric Chamber

Chamber 3 Description 

Standard EPI Atmospheric Chamber

Controller Type PC Controller Type
Temperature Control Dual Pyrometer
Process Gases TCS, PH3, Porr,
External Cooling Water Cooled
Power Requirements 480 V     240.0 A     50 Hz     3 Phase
CE Marked YES
Year of Manufacture 2006
Condition Excellent
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