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Item ID: 204380

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Bruchless Motor bench

Bruchless Motor bench assembled in our Provence Design Center, like new (only tested once).

For more informations please refer to the enclosed diagram and the motor description below. 

Brushless motor PMSM ME0913 24 to 96V VDC 12kW (30kW max)

This three-phase motor works with the Kelly controller (described below)

• Output Power of 12 KW Continuous, 30 KW Peak (at 96 volts)

• Designed for long life. No brush maintenance. The motor is 92% efficient at voltages between 24 to 96 VDC. Continuous current of 125 amps AC (180 Amps DC into the motor control). This is a 3-phase, Y-connected Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor with an axial air gap and 3 Hall sensors at 120 degrees electrical timing. It has two stators with a rotor in the center.

• This is a 4 pole motor (8 magnets).

• The Phase to Phase winding resistance is 0.013 Ohms.

• The maximum recommended rotor speed is 5000 RPM.

• Voltages from 0 to 96 VDC input to the control.

• Torque constant of 0.15 Nm per Amp

• The Inductance Phase to Phase is 0.10 Milli-Henry with a 28 turns per phase.

• Armature Inertia is 45 Kg Cm Squared.

• Continuous current of 125 Amps AC (180 Amps DC into the motor control).

• Peak current of 420 Amps AC for 1 minute (600 Amps DC into the motor control).

• Weight of 35 pounds.

• Peak Stall Torque of 90 Nm (66 ft).

• This is an Open Frame, Fan Cooled motor. Timed for counter-clockwise rotation (can be changed to clockwise).


Kelly KBL72301,24-72V,300A,BLDC Controller/With Regen

Kelly KBL programmable BLDC motor controller provides efficient, smooth and quiet controls for golf cart, go-cart, electric motorcycle, forklift, hybrid vehicle, electrical vehicle, electric boat, as well as industry motor speed or torque control.

Motor speed controller uses high power MOSFET, PWM to achieve efficiency 99% in most cases. Powerful microprocessor brings in comprehensive and precise control to BLDC motor controllers. This programmable brushless motor controller also allows users to set parameters, conduct tests, and obtain diagnostic information quickly and easily.


• Intelligence with powerful microprocessor. Synchronous rectification, ultra low drop and fast PWM to achieve very high efficiency.

• Electronic reversing.

• Voltage monitoring on 3 motor phases, bus, and power supply.Voltage monitoring on voltage source 12V and 5V.

• Current sense on all 3 motor phases.Current control loop.

• Hardware over current protection.Hardware over voltage protection.

• Support torque mode, speed mode, and balanced mode operation.

• Configurable limit for motor current and battery current.

• Low EMC.LED fault code.

• Battery protection: current cutback, warning and shutdown at configurable high and low battery voltage.

• Rugged aluminum housing for maximum heat dissipation and harsh environment.Rugged high current terminals, and rugged aviation connectors for small signal.

• Thermal protection: current cut back, warning and shutdown on high temperature.Configurable 60 degree or 120 degree hall position sensors.

Bruchless Motor bench
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Unit Price Unstated
Number of Units
(in lot)
Manufacturer Infineon
Model Bruchless Motor bench
Description Bruchless Motor bench assembled in our site
Interface RS 232
Power Requirements      3 Phase
Year of Manufacture 2015
Condition Like New
Exterior Dimensions 
  Width 60.236  in  (153.0 cm)
  Depth 29.528  in  (75.0 cm)
  Height 51.575  in  (131.0 cm)
Weight 661  lb  (300 kg)
Shipping  Weight lb  kg 
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Shipping & Handling:

All items are sold on condition `as is and where is`. Ex work from current location excluding de-installation, de-hook up, discharge,  packaging, crating and delivery. We are not responsible for any damage incurred during shipment.


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