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Jul 22 222573



List all items of this typePatterned Wafer Inspection

in Surface Inspection

KLA Tencor 2365:

2365 UV/Vis Ultra Broadband Brightfield Patterned Wafer Inspection System

The 2365 system is a generation ultra broadband bright-field patterned wafer inspector designed to meet the need of 90nm and 65nm production. Based on the success from the 235X series, the 2365 product increases the data rate of the proven platform from 800 MPPS to 1600 MPPS. The Equipment is like the 2360 in all respects and incorporates a faster image computer, brighter illuminator and faster sensor to achieve the higher throughputs. All of the valuable 2360 features like: multiple ultra-violet and visible wavelengths, 0.12 pixel, EC, WISE, Region Based Multi Threshold, are still available.


Wafer Size and Thickness: 200mm (8”) & 300mm (12”) wafer size and thickness for silicon wafers conforming to SEMI Standard dimensions

Cassette Boat/FOUP Compatibility: Various cassettes and FOUP’s are compatible. Contact WIN Division representative for compatibility.

ILM Compatibility: 2365 v10.0 software is compatible with the following KLA-Tencor Products: Impact ADC Manager v3.5, UDB, Klarity 

Electrical Input: 208 VAC 3 phase WYE nominal With Power Line Conditioner: 208, 240, 380, 416, or 480 VAC

Wafer handling:  Errors < 0.01% (1 in 10,000) of wafers inspected Damage < 0.001% (1 in 100,000) of wafers inspected

Cleanliness: Fed Standard 209E and ISO Class 2 for Dual FIMS handler

SEMI Guideline: The definitions of all reliability specifications are based on SEMI E10-96

Tool Serial ID: W23653234

1   N*
Jul 20 222539

Brown & Sharpe  

Reflex 454 

List all items of this typeTest & Measurement - Other

in Test & Measurement Equipment

KMG Brown & Sharpe Reflex 454:

Coordinate measuring machine


Measuring area 457x508x406mm, additional measure Equipment available (measure head Renishaw MH8 and feeler TP2). Including printer, table, cabinet and documentations.


German describtion:

Taktiles Messgerät für Messbereich 457x508x406mm, mit Messzubehör (Messkopf Renishaw MH8 und Messtaster TP2), inkl. Nadeldrucker, inkl. Tischgestell und Unterschrank, inkl. deutsche Dokumentation (Bedienungsanleitung, Installationshandbuch, Software-Handbuch)

1   N*
Jul 8 222294

EDA Malaysia Industr  


List all items of this typeBurn-In Ovens

in Ovens

1   N*
Jul 8 222293

EDA Malaysia Industr  


List all items of this typeBurn-In Ovens

in Ovens

1   N*
Jun 29 222197

KLA Tencor  

2115 upgraded 2135 

List all items of this typePatterned Wafer Inspection

in Surface Inspection

KLA Tencor 2135:

KLA Tencor 2135 

This one was original a 2115 and experienced a upgrade to a 2135.

 Tool still  in cleanroom under power. The Equipment was under full KLA Service Contract up to now.


› Ready for delivery:

5 Weeks after mutual sales contract signature

› Current Condition:

Very good, in Production until now

› Completeness:

Tool complete, no parts missing

› Manufacturing date

May 1997

› Correct maintained?

In KLA Contract until 02/20

› Manuals existing?


› Current location

Cleanroom until 08 2021

› Any upgrades / extensions?

Yes, KLA 2135

› Wafer size (if applicable)?

2x 8 inch

› Was there a significant system failure in the last three years?


› Used: 7_24 / 8 hours a working day / for development /rarely?

Used 24/7

› Any contaminations known?



1   N*
Jun 8 221743



List all items of this typeOptical Test & Measurement Equipment - Other

in Optical Test & Measurement Equipment

For Sale! Mitutoyo CNC Vision Measuring Machine :

In use until October 2020, when it was phased out from production. Since then, it's stored in a dry and heated environment. Besides minor marks and scratches caused by trolleys, it's in an excellent condition. It was maintained regularly by site maintenance, and went through yearly inspection by OEM, including calibration.

Standard machine, with special adapter plates used at Infineon. It's with software for series production, able to measure multiple modules in row. Saves date to local CSV file format and writing measurement data to Orbit system.,

Possibility to upgrade tactile measuring function!

1 € 55,000.00 F*N*
Jun 3 221535


EC 328N 

List all items of this typeOther Items and Mixed Lots


1 € 50,000.00 N*

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