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in Other Assembly / Hybrid
Item ID: 230921

Offered 2 Offered at € 709,421.00 (each)

Scrap Die Bonder TTI-09 &11


  1. TTI09&11 capacity scrap in Jul’19 & Jan’20 due SOT23 PL55 capacity scrap.
  2. Remain the 2x EQ in line due to Legacy project. (TTI faces no service and obsolete parts issue)
  3. B 117# 1F layout will be constraint for more and more new EQ arrival for MINI,SSO8 ramp up


  1. Provide scrap document to FIN                     Caren            4/29
  2. EQ online scrap                                           Yannie          May’22
  3. Physical machine scrap for TTI09&11            Yin HJ           May’22
Scrap Die Bonder TTI-09 &11
Unit Price € 709,421.00 (each)
Number of Units 2
Year of Manufacture 2012
Condition Poor

Shipping & Handling:

All items are sold on condition `as is and where is`. Ex work from current location excluding de-installation, de-hook up, discharge,  packaging, crating and delivery. We are not responsible for any damage incurred during shipment.


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